• Image of Reed Diffuser & Refill Oil

Reed Diffuser - $29

Diffuser refill oil, includes fresh reeds - $15

Shirly J Collection reed diffusers are the perfect way to subtly scent areas in which an open flame may not be suitable. Our diffusers come pagaged inside a sleek giftbox & include 5 thick, natural reeds which disperse the fragrance. Each Shirly J Collection reed diffuser will last between 6 - 9 months

Our natural reeds are lovely and thick which helps to disperse the maximum amount of fragrance. Simply insert the reeds into the fragrance oil to release the beautiful scent. The reeds can be flipped for a quick burst of fragrance!

Want to make your fave reed diffuser last longer?

Our diffuser refill oil will give your reed diffuser another few months of life. We also provide a new set of natural reeds & a new fragrance label so your fav Shirly J Collection reed diffuser will be good as new!